eSekretarica (eSecretary) is a software tool to support the overall process of reviewing the Contracts, according to the established procedures of the company.

Does the reviewing process in your company last long, does it require a lot of effort and you do not have the insight into where the contract is currently located?
Can you quickly and without a lot of effort find acceptance, comments and the latest version of the draft of the contract that is being reviewed?
What about comments for the already signed contracts?
Can you tell your suppliers and buyers which department is currently approving the contract that you have to sign with them?

If your company is signing more than one contract per day on average, and you have more than one sector which examines sales and procurement contracts, eSecretary is the software written just for you!

Compliance with procedures

How often do the oversights in the process of reviewing the contract happen in your company?

eSekretarica takes care of all the rules and procedures for the reviewing of contracts, in a way you have defined it. All the way through the proceedings, eSekretarica keeps the record of all the comments and approval statements, together with the texts of contracts in the place that is easily accessible to all participants.
You create the procedure on who has the right to make changes to the contract. Also, changes to the contract are only possible in the course of the review – the contract is archived after signing and is no longer available for changes.

Simple insight into the status of the contract

How much time do you spend on finding the current version and comments to the contract?

You can clearly see in eSekretarica what stage of the review each contract is in – who of the participants is currently working on the contract and when the contract reached that person.
Also, diary of the comments is visible to all participants – everything that participants left as a record and notices during the ongoing review. This diary is permanently saved and attached to the concerned contract, and all signed agreements become part of the archive which is searchable by a keyword.

Fast and efficient harmonization

How long on average does the period from admission to the signing of a contract in your company last?

Once the proposal of the contract has reached eSekretarica, a simple notification system for all the stakeholders in the process of the review runs, according to the established rules, and, further on, what is only necessary is that each of the participants does their part of the review – everything else is done by eSekretarica–it takes care that all participants are informed, that everybody had the access to all the comments, takes care of the versions and send reminders to participants who had kept the contract longer than anticipated. You can access eSekretarica from any location and at any time, the Internet is the only requirement.

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