eLikvidatura (eLiquidation) is a system for electronic invoice processing and management of financial and other input documents from the moment of their receipt until the moment of payment.

eLikvidaturaHow often do you lose vendor invoices?
How much time do you spend on booking incoming invoices, making entries in the Book of incoming invoices and looking for invoices that you have booked?
Do you have the information for your suppliers on which sector is currently approving their invoice, where it is in the line of process and who exactly has approved the invoice?
How often have you paid the same document twice by mistake or the counter has paid it to the wrong bank account due to lack of availability of the invoice?
Do you send your suppliers’ invoices manually from the location of its admission to the other locations where their approval is performed?

If you have a large volume of incoming documentation or your company consists of several physically distant locations where the acceptance of documents for goods and services is performed, then eLikvidatura is a solution designed for you.

One place for all invoices

All financial and business incoming documentation, including invoices for goods and invoices for expenditures, are in one place and easy to browse – nothing can be lost or misplaced.
Standardized method of processing for all the points of documentation receipt
No matter on how many different locations you receive invoices and how far they are apart, entering and processing will always be performed by your procedure with maximum efficiency, because a person focuses on the essence (document control), while the computer takes care of the form (documents routing and administrative tasks).

Connection to existing ERP system

You can easily connect supplier invoices to your existing documents, such as purchase orders in the business software – you can quickly and easily compare what is agreed and ordered with what is delivered, link the type, place and the owner of the costs for each incoming invoice and prepare it for booking.

Control over processing

At any moment you know the status of each document that you have entered, which employee is processing it and for how long.

My mail

All received paper mail is scanned and stored in the recipient mailbox, who receives notifications on the new mail in the form email message.

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